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***See you Next Season!! Thank you to all passholders and guests for a great season!!! Stay tuned to our website and socials for updates on our new adventures!!***


General Comments

Certain runs may be considered open but are use at your own risk.

Trails may be ungroomed, and conditions are variable. Please exercise caution on ungroomed trails.

Terrain Park may open and close throughout the day for maintenance. 


Resort Information

Skiable Acres: 100

Peak Elevation: 488 m

Vertical Drop: 228.6 m

Average Snowfall: 335 cm


Current Conditions

New Snow Last 24 Hrs: 0 cm

New Snow Last 7 Days: 0 cm

Snow Base: - cm

Fresh Snowmaking Last Night: No


Slope Access

18 of 26 Trails Open

of 2 Belts Open


Trail Access

lightbulb for night skiingOpen At Night



White Skier Icon and Number 1 with Light Blue Square BackgroundLumberjack Belt: Closed

White Skier Icon and Number 2 with Light Blue Square BackgroundWabos Belt: Closed



White Ski Lift and Number 1 with Red Square BackgroundBuzzsaw Lift: Closed

White Ski Lift and Number 2 with Red Square BackgroundMain Lift: Closed

White Ski Lift and Number 3 with Red Square BackgroundGloulais Lift: Closed

White Ski Lift and Number 4 with Red Square BackgroundQuad Lift: Closed


  • Number 1 with Green Circle BackgroundLearning Centre: Closed
  • Number 2 with Green Circle BackgroundLumberjack: Closed
  • Number 3 with Green Circle BackgroundBuzzsaw: Closed
  • Number 4 with Green Circle BackgroundLittle Wabos: Closed
  • Number 5 with Green Circle BackgroundTravs Trail: Closed
  • Number 6 with Green Circle Background3x4: Closed
  • Number 7 with Green Circle BackgroundThe Main: Closed
  • Number 8 with Green Circle BackgroundHerbs Meadow: Closed
  • Number 9 with Blue Square BackgroundMeadow Express: Closed
  • Number 10 with Blue Square BackgroundPeggys Promise: Closed
  • Number 11 with Blue Square BackgroundBinder Twine: Closed
  • Number 12 with Blue Square BackgroundChamps: Closed
  • Number 13 with Blue Square BackgroundReally Mealey: Closed
  • Number 14 with Blue Square BackgroundGoulais: Closed
  • Number 15 with Black Diamond BackgroundAgawa: Closed
  • Number 16 with Black Diamond BackgroundJacks Dive: Closed
  • Number 17 with Black Diamond BackgroundSlalom: Closed
  • Number 18 with Black Diamond BackgroundExhibition Alley: Closed
  • Number 19 with Black Diamond BackgroundMelvilles Mile: Closed
  • Number 20 with Black Diamond BackgroundCougar Trax: Closed
  • Number 21 with Black Diamond BackgroundWolfs Head: Closed
  • Number 22 with Black Diamond BackgroundBear Claw: Closed
  • Number 23 with Black Diamond BackgroundMoose Difficult: Closed
  • Number 24 with Black Diamond Background5-0 Trees: Closed
  • Number 25 with Black Diamond BackgroundBrians Brook: Closed
  • Number 26 with Black Diamond BackgroundThe Glades: Closed


Terrain Park

White P with Orange BackgroundTerrain Park: Closed
Please wear a helmet