Cities & Oceans Visit

Cities & Oceans Visit

We are so happy that Cities and Oceans visited the resort last week! They brought a lot of fun with them and were able to take a lot of great photographs on the hill. Thank you to Connie and her crew for spending the day with us. To see more be sure to check out their Facebook page and Instagram at We can't wait until your next visit!


Info: Connie of Cities and Oceans launched the online shop in March of 2020 on her travel blog. She was frustrated that swimsuit options were extremely limited for all sizes and decided to curate a body positive shop that provides stylish pieces she names after cities and oceans. She also provides special order services for styles that may not be in stock and encourages everyone to love themselves along the journey. In addition to modelling some pieces herself, Connie had a team of six local models with her including a male model who played the Grinch! As a creative photographer, Connie’s photo sets are often located within the local community and we were pleased to have her out at Searchmont! You can find their shop online at She invites any locals interested in modelling to reach out by email at 

Here are a couple of our favourites from the shoot!